Complete rewire - Electrical job in Rugby, Warwickshire

Job description

My 1930s (2 bed + study) semi requires a complete rewire, to both correct a number of shortcomings in the current wiring, as well as making a number of modifications to my preferences.

Please note none of the work will require making good any plasterwork afterwards, because I will be hiring a separate plasterer/decorator afterwards.

KITCHEN/DINING ROOM 1. Establish cause of short-circuit in kitchen area and correct. 2. Install new oven. 3. Remove Double-plugs next to the kitchen dishwasher, fridge and freezer. 4. Remove Single-Plug behind the dining room radiator. 5. Add Isolator switches for the fridge and freezer adjacent to the double-plug above the freezer. 6. Change triple light switch in kitchen to double (one switch is redundant). 7. Establish why kitchen spotlights are not working properly and effect a solution. 8. Change plug in boiler room from single to double.

LOUNGE 1. Remove Single-Plug behind the lounge radiator. 2. Change single-plug near TV to double and adjust height. 3. Install a powered doorbell. 4. Change light switch at bottom stairs to fit flush with wall.

STUDY 1. Remove Single-Plug near the study radiator. 2. Remove Single-Plug in the partition wall in study. 3. Add Double-plug in the partition wall behind the computer in smallest upstairs room.

LARGER BEDROOM 1. Change old plug behind the wardrobe from single to double. 2. Move single-plug from partition wall in largest bedroom to behind the desk and change to double-plug. 3. Double-plugs adjacent to neighbours house in largest bedroom to fit flush.

SMALLER BEDROOM 1. Double plug behind bed to fit flush and connect to the correct circuit. 2. Remove odd-looking single plug (without switch).

BATHROOM 1. Remove electric shower and associated wiring. 2. Establish why extractor fan is not working and effect a solution.

Other 1. Change all plugs and light switches to good quality plastic plugs for consistency. 2. Establish a proper balance of circuitry through consumer unit, e.g. 3 ring mains for kitchen, lounge/dining room, and upstairs. 3. Install earth bonding to the gas and water main. 4. Re-attach outside shed wiring (previously attached to an old brick wall) to the fence, adjusting junction box if necessary.


Feedback for SRW Electrics

Richard completed the total rewire of my house in exactly the timeframe he said he would, and for a fair price. I am very happy with both his work and after service.

He is friendly and approachable as well as knowledgable and would not hesitate to recommend him to others.