Collection of jobs moving + tidying pipework - Gas Work job in Edinburgh, Midlothian

Job description

  • Other pipework or drainage

Customer description

We are renovating our flat and need a plumber to help with a number of jobs. Initially, we would like quotes on the following (ideally as one job, but if you would only quote on some aspects that could work too):

  1. Rerouting/tidying up water pipes to allow us to make use of two storage spaces more efficiently.
  2. Installing a section of gas pipe to allow Scottish gas to install a smart meter in a different location to our current traditional meter.
  3. Altering pipework so we can move the location of the washing machine (and ultimately plumbing in a washing machine to this new location once we have it tiled)

Thanks for considering this job - we are looking forward to hearing from you!


Feedback for Kevin Brogan Plumbing and Heating

Excellent on all fronts. Great communication. Efficient job. Would highly recommend!