What to make my garden look more comfortable to look at - Landscaping job in Lower Edmonton, North London

Job description

  • Landscaping project
  • Medium garden 100 - 200m²

Customer description

Hi would like to put down artificial grass down on one side of the garden and to build a lovely box for planting flowers also on the side where I'm decking is to build a small wall like for seating area and just to sort out the decking area that I have at the moment to re store it in a good condition. Please let me knowThank you. Name Rodolfus


Feedback for Orestipaving

Hi since from the start to the finish luli has been very helpful in all the work that has been taken out and also he is very positive about his work on what needs to be done. Also when luli came to ours and done my garden I'm very happy with everything that he done and the way he done the garden too. So for anyone else that needs a great guy for your garden then luli is that guy and also is very good at his work. Very pleased and thank you so much.
Yours sincerely mr r antoniou.