Replace old potterton boiler and add gas pipework - Gas Work job in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

Job description

  • Gas boiler

Customer description

Replace a potterton gas boiler with its hot water tank in the kitchen with a new combo valliant ecofit boiler in the same location. The gas mains are located at the front corner of the house. As its an old cottage terrace, the gas pipes are narrow so a thicker gas pipe needs to be put inside the wall (upwards from the gas mains, through and along the ceiling towards the boiler, then through a brick wall to get to the boiler itself). We would like to prepare the room where possible ourselves (cutting out the wall for the gas pipe) using your advice so that the labour cost can be cut, and you can hopefully be in and out in a day. If you're up for the task, get in contact and I can supply photos.


Feedback for Oakleigh Heating

The guys got the job done in the time specified at a reasonable quote. Upon visiting to give us an initial quote, kyle took photos, made notes, and took the time to ensure the quote was accurate, then emailed an estimate a couple of days later. On the contrary, we had had 3 other quotes: 1 quoted £4k (apparently they doubled the VAT); Another was also pricey, and had a tonne of typos in his quote; the third whizzed around the house, was a good price but likewise typed with his face. By process of elimination, oakleigh seemed like the sensible option. They let us know when plans changed as a cheaper part was needed, so they reduced the price accordingly without me having to awkwardly ask. A couple of things I don't like are that there are two holes in the wall where old pipes were cut out, and they hadn't plastered over- given the option I would have opted to have the wall cleared up. A screw wasn't fastened on the boiler, so you can lift up the boiler front panel and see the electrics underneath- I'm sure I just need to screw it down, but it comes across as slapdash. These aside however, i'm satisfied with the work - Kyle does care about his clients and their feedback (he called a couple of days later to ask us how we were getting on). He offered to screw in the smart thermostat if we sent him a message when he's next in the area, and we have good water pressure and a working boiler. And impressively, my partner told me they can talk about biscuits for a solid 5 minutes.