Mend and re erect decking on new site - Decking job in Norwich, Norfolk

Job description

  • Deck repair

Customer description

Decking has been relocated and 7 of the legs have rotted and need replacing, the builder we paid for the job has let us down and won't answer my calls. this is a full length decking and steps will need relocating to the other end due to the new gas meter installed where they used to be. Heavy decking which was sawed into 4 sections, needs mending and errecting to side of our static as soon as possible


Feedback for Conkers

Professional and most pleasant. This man can literally make a silk purse out of a sows ear ! Considering what the cowboy builders I had paid to do the job before they scarpered,(decking for a static caravan which they sawed into 4 pieces and left in the mud over winter) he saved most of it and built a smart, sturdy decking for us. I cannot recommend him highly enough, he and his team of men are excellent.