Underfloor heating - Central Heating job in West Ealing, West London

Job description

Underfloor Heating issues, the flow temperature on the flow is no more than 30 degrees and that on the return is only slightly lower at 25 degrees.

The radiators upstairs works a treat and are piping hot, however the underfloor heating is not at the level I expect even though the Heatmiser and each zone is calling for heat.

I can feel the flow into the Wild pump hot but by the time it gets to the flow bars before it flows into the underfloor pipes, it much colder.

All the flow meters look like they are working and each actuator looks like they are working.

I think the system needs purging or something is not working as the temperature going into the flow is not going up any more than 30 degrees. The value is open max


Feedback for mdvheating

Excellent Heating Engineer and one that is polite and extremely knowledgeable. He tells you as it is and will never over sell the job. Told me that i didn't need a bigger boiler when others insisted on it and he was so right. He spent a fair amount of time changing some plumbing and ensured my underfloor heating was working effectively and consistently. A brilliant and honest Heating Engineer and highly recommended!