Dig foundations for extention and pour concreat - Groundwork & Foundations job in West Hendon, North London

Job description

  • Foundations for a structure to be built
  • House extension

Customer description

Foundation for a single story L shaped extension needed to be dug and filled. The ground are currently cleared and the extension has been marked out. The size is 600 wide by 1 meter deep.


Feedback for Munster construction ltd

I have been in property development since 2005 but all my projects have only involved refurbishments and not construction. This project was my first that actually involved the construction of a 25-meter side and rear extension, so as you can imagine it was a bit daunting. The foundation stage is the most vital part of any development endeavour so it was key to find the right specialists for my project. After speaking to many overpriced "we can do anything" type of tradesmen I was thankful to be recommended Munster Construction LTD. I generally can't speak highly enough of the service I received from this company. George and his team were very clear, polite, professional, informative, and pleasant at all stages of the process. They came along and quoted very fairly in comparison to all the other tradesmen and only wanted to work on what they specialised in. In 1 week Munster Construction team dug a 1 meter deep by 600mm wide by 25 meters long foundations, filled and levelled the concrete, carefully revealed all the old waste and rainwater pipes, replaced all the necessary new underground drainage and placed 4 new manholes. I would fully recommend George and his team mainly because of my comments above but also because they are the most punctual human beings that I have ever come across and they refused to leave the job until I was fully satisfied and that takes some doing. I am genuinely looking for new things to call them back in for. They have set the bar very high.