Re-carpeting of living room - Carpet & Lino job in New Cross, South London

Job description

  • Carpet 1 room
  • Carpet supply & fit needed

Customer description

Remove existing carpet in living room and re-carpet with similar carpet for next tenants. The carpet that's in there at the moment is Elford Twist Standard 80/20 in coconut (Joseph Hamilton Seaton is the manufacturer). There is no furniture in the room anymore so easily accessible. I don't have exact dimensions available at the moment as we've moved to Paris, but I can provide a floor plan that gives rough dimensions of Kitchen and living room together (kitchen has a different surface). Also, you could get access to the flat and do measurements if needed. The seam between the kitchen flooring and the living room flooring is a bit awkward and goes across the whole room basically - it's fitted underneath a small metal panel but the carpet came out frequently so I think it's a little tricky to fit. We'd also need someone to do this on a weekend if at all possible?

Added 20th March, 2019: ----------------------- Ideally this would be done on Sunday 31 March if at all possible.


Feedback for All aspects of flooring

Raja did a great job re-carpeting our living room. He was quick, and the we're very happy with the result even though the colour of the carpet doesn't exactly match the rest of the flat (the original colour wasn't available anymore). Raja was also very easy and quick when we requested a quote, offered a prompt visit to do measurements and replied to messages very quick and with the information we needed. Our experience would have been perfect had he not been about 2 hours late on the day because his van broke down. However, we still would like to rate our experience as positive, as all in all this was the only thing that didn't work out so well. Thank you, Raja!