Refit a boiler, radiator connection, basin drainage con - Plumbing job in Clapham Junction, South London

Job description

I've recently completed a kitchen extension & need a plumber to do several jobs, the main job is the refit of the combination boiler and that it must be supplied with a landlord gas safety certificate once refitted. The boiler was moved as the existing position didn't suit the new extension. The other jobs are the reconnection of a basin drain which is about 1.5 metres away from a soil pipe that it can be connected to and also the reconnection of the radiator in the kitchen which isn't far from pipes.

The job:

Refit the Vaillant combination boiler (TurboMax82 is the model), including cutting a 100mm core hole for the flue, fitting a magnaclean to the return pipework, flushing the system with sludge remover and treating the new water for corrosion prevention etc. I have a Magnaclean on site and an existing electronic HS34 limscale inhibitor that needs to be fitted, it's a simple fit but enough space needs to be allowed for as too tight pipework will stop it from fitting, the transformer is already connected to the internal power on the boiler. The pressure release valve needs to be allowed for with a hole in the brick wall to allow the pipe to go outside. I do have a core cutter etc on site, but it's not a great quality, but may do the job if needed.

There's a radiator not far from pipework that was moved during the extension and needs to be re-connected. It's already hung in position ans is about 1 metre from existing pipework.

The basin drainage was disconnected as the pipe was in the way of the new roof outside. It can be re-connected internally to the toilet soil pipe that is 1.5 metres away.

I have the instructions for the boiler, but not the wall fit template, but that shouldn't be a problem for an experienced plumber.

Questions welcome but I prefer quotes rather than requests to view the job. I'm an experienced customer and I've tried to describe the job as best as possible to avoid any confusion or disputes. I need the job done as soon as possible, probably mid to later next week would be what I'd be looking for.


Feedback for

Rob and his team did a very professional refit of my boiler. A great standard of work and done the day after we first met online which I really needed due to an emergency at home forcing me to move into this place that I normally rent out, so I needed the boiler back on fast for my kids. A word to other future customers of Rob's as a personal favour I offered him, his written English when he first contacted me wasn't great, but his spoken English is fine and we had no problems agreeing the scope of the work and getting it done properly. I recommend him and his team to you and hope they do well here on mybuilder as they deserve to. They're back tomorrow to fit my kitchen too, so I am already definitely using them again! Genuine feedback, not a mock up which is something I always wonder about. Don't be shy to let him view your job, their prices are reasonable and their standard of work is very good.