Landscaping garden - Landscaping job in Norwich, Norfolk

Job description

  • Landscaping project
  • Medium garden 100 - 200m²

Customer description

Need garden raised up levelled off and wooden sleepers put in


Feedback for Conkers

Andrew is going to make me out to be an awkward customer, but all I wanted was for my job to be done how I wanted it and how it should have been done. Messed me about for nearly 3 weeks to have some additional work and snagging done only to be told they wouldn'tcome back any more because they didnt like it because I told them I wanted my sleepers to be put on concrete foundation and not just sat on soil and also no supports in the ground behind the sleepers to stop them leaning over with the weight against them. I had been told by others this is how it should be done. Had caused the firm I had in to lay the slabs a lot of problems as they then told me the sleepers had a 3cm hump in the middle and not done to the correct height of the fall, my only wish is I had of got them in to do the lot for me as they listened to what I wanted and nothing was too much trouble for them. As Im the customer here this is how it should be and not be frightened to say anything incase it upset them. Im the one who has to live with it and Im sure if there is any problems further down the line because it wasn't done correctly Andrew is going to come back and rectify it all. Only thing Andrew seems interested in is coming getting the cash straight away and telling you he is going to comeback to do other work when I think they had no intention of doing all along which I realised after talking to him on the phone a few weeks later, just messed me about and probably good job they didnt come back!

Conkers's reply:

I am not going to make you out to be an awkward customer, you are much different. My boys (including my son) refused to do the additional work you asked us to do (odd you asked us for more if we are so bad!). They found you “creepy” and didn’t like the way you looked at them. You told me that you are a painter and decorator which i have found out to be untrue as your comments on here are also fabricated.