Install one sink, with pipe work. - Plumbing job in Northampton, Northamptonshire

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  • Involves bathroom or kitchen fixtures

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Install a sink, , as well as water and drainage pipes. I don't have the sink, pipes, silicone/plumbers putty, drills ect. If someone else could arrange all that, it would be great.

Anyway there's a room on the first floor of a house. The floor is wooden and creaks in places. The wall about is 20 cm thick total and made of a few cm of concrete, or something like concrete, on the outside with a somewhat hollow inside, that has some wiring, pipes and mouse droppings inside. The wall has a coating of blue paint. This si where the sink will be. On the other side of the wall is a bathroom with a sink, bathtub, toilet etc ( including hot/cold water pipes, drainage etc. It is plastered in tiles. Presumably, the pipes from the new sink can be attached here.

the bathroom side will need to look reasonably tidy, when finished, the side with the sink doesn;t need to look pretty or attractive at all as long as there is a functioning sink, that is; some thing that lets out tap water and can be turned on/off, and something beneath it that catches water and takes it down the drain, all without much leaking.Just cold water is fine (no hot), if that makes it easier. You can use second hand/reclaimed parts, in fact they probably look more interesting, more history. Everything would need to be done, the stuff on ete, between the 6th and 18th of April.

Any offers or estimates are appreciated. feel free to ask for more information, thanks.

Added 16th March, 2019: ----------------------- The wall will need to be drilled through to attach the pipes, then sealed/plastered up. There are some radiator/central heating pipes that will need to be worked around, but there;s plenty of space, so that shouldn't be a problem.

As was mentioned earlier, all work on site (installation,finishing,cleanup etc) would need to be done between the 6th and 18th of April 2019, or would need to wait a few months. Also; there might be other people working on site on unrelated things. Also when I say that it would be great if someone else could arrange the piping, sink and other materials (all necessary for the project), I mostly mean a trades person or someone recommended by a trades person, most likely. Thanks.


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Hired to put in a new sink. Very polite and punctual. Installed everything I required very efficiently. Would definitely recommend.