Repair/service. potterton 40e - Gas Work job in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire

Job description

  • Gas boiler

Customer description

Potterton 40E boiler requires a service/parts. Over the past 2 weeks the exhaust motor has been kicking in then stopping for about 4-5 times before the flame would ignite. It would be intermittent but I think the boiler has just given up the ghost as I cannot see the flame either now.


Feedback for TJG Service's

Excellent! They came on a Friday night when my boiler gave up the ghost. He didn’t tinker around with the boiler and charge me, instead he got it working quite quickly and advised me it was not going to last long (22 year old boiler). It was kettling and the pump was not long for this world. I appreciated his honesty and he wasn’t here for long. A replacement is on the cards which I’ve known for a while. Highly recommend.