Damp on internal walls in kitchen and other rooms - Damp Proofing job in Liss, Hampshire

Job description

  • Damp issue, cause known
  • Widespread problem

Customer description

We noticed some early signs of damp in our kitchen on our internal and one external walls. Initially i thought it was related to the recent double glazing we had recently (there was a small gap by the back door) however this has since been filled in and we still have damp. The house is quite old, and i guess that we my not have DPC on some of the walls of the extension. I did try to paint over with some Zinzer however it has returned and i think we need some injection work or something done to address the problem. Upon looking round the rest of the house i have noticed some other walls that are showing signs of damp so there could be a widespread problem. We are planning to decorate some of these rooms, so in the interest of cost would look to do one room at a time, however i would like to see if i can get a quote as depending on methods/tools to fix it may be more cost effective to get all done at once rather than a room at a time. We have had a builder firend come round and they suggested that they could fix by removing all of the plaster, painting on a damp sealent and re plastering/paining, however they werent sure if there are some new techniques that do not require such a heavy impact, especially if it is required on a number of internal walls. If it is possible to drill some holes and fill with something and then just paint over, that would be our preference.