Fault with wiring causing fuse to blow intermittently - Electrical job in Sheffield, South Yorkshire

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So far, I have had every plug off the wall because it is only the circuit breaker for the plug curcuit that is being fused

All the plugs are now wired properly, the fuse box has been checked by a qualified electrician, who also confirmed that the wiring appears to be generally in good condition

However, despite finding a loose connection in one of the plugs, which seemed to have fixed it, the circuit keeps shorting out

It seems to me that there is a 'snapping' noise from the off shot kitchen when the circuit breaks but otherwise there's no clear or consitent pattern to when the circuit breaks

Unfortunately, my boiler is on the same circuit so don't have hot water when the electric's down and from time to time the circuit breaks every couple of minutes, other times it will hold for several hours

Sometimes, the circuit breaker will also hold on the first attempt other times it will take three or even four attempts whereby it 'fuses' straight way when I flick the switch to on

Naturally, I would be delighted if the fault could be found and fixed alternatively, I would consider the possibility of splitting the circuit, because it seems the plugs on only one side of the house are affected, as a temporary measure of even re-wiring the boiler into a spare circuit to at least have the radiators on, again as a temporary measure


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