Small utility room needing complete overhaul - Conversions - General job in Glasgow, Lanarkshire

Job description

I am needing my small Utility room 'finished'. It needs some plasterboard work, potentially some floorboard work, definitely plastering. Currently the main water pipes are visible, so a small cupboard type thing is desirably.

I'm not entirely sure I can describe what I am needing done effectively. I just want my small utility room to look less crap, and to not see the outside brick walls. Plus it would be nice if the floor was completely solid and level.

Got another Recess in my spare room, which I would love to turn into a cupboard also, so that too. Again, I'm not entirely sure what that would require doing, but I know stuff will need done.

Apologises for the vagueness. I'm very happy for people to come and look at the space, and to tell me what exactly is needing done.


Feedback for J Marshall Builders

Jake and his dad did a fantastic job on my small utility room, leaving a perfect plastered finish and nice sturdy new floor.