Pointing and bricklaying - Bricklaying job in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire

Job description

  • Repointing

Customer description

Need to repoint one side of long Seaton brick wall, just the top one meter. Should be pointed in lime/lime based mortar. Wall is at least 40 m long, 6 m high, so ladders required. In addition need to rebuild a wall 3m x 2 m for which i have bricks


Feedback for Wilson Property Services

Terry did an excellent job repointing in lime mortar an old wall , which is dated circa 1785 in centre of Aberdeen. Terry understands and is a supporter of correct period restoration, using the right materials. He did as well rebuild a brick wall very well, also lime mortar. Terry worked hard, kept me informed of any changes to schedule, and was a pleasant man to work with.
Lance Davis