Home extension/refurbishing. - Extensions job in Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Job description

  • Extension type: Front and rear extension plus electrics
  • Terraced
  • Owns the property
  • Planning permission has been granted

Customer description

Existing 3-bedroom house. Rear conservatory to be converted to seperate living room. Front extended to provide dining area plus bigger master bedroom. upstairs toilet/bathroom refurbished. Downstairs extended/reorganised to include shower. Electrics to include replacing consumer unit and LED lights whole house. Old windows need replacing. Approved plans available. Happy to discuss and agree all the works that need doing with right builder.


Feedback for s,e builders&property maintenance

Hiring Stewart Etere (SE Builders & Property Maintenance) is the most expensive mistake I have ever made in my life. I hope others learn from my mistakes.
19-weeks on a project that was supposed to be delivered in 16-weeks and £48,900.00 paid in deposits, Stewart has absconded from site and left me with a construction site and a massive headache. Even his suppliers have been coming to my house to try and track him down as he is owing them. Of course once he has your money, he blocks your number so you cant reach him.
If you are most unfortunate to hire this rogue builder, do not be fooled by Stewart’s continued proclamation of having 30years experience in the industry and 100% feedback. It is all a scam.
#Make sure you get a proper contract with clearly defined milestones, penalties and payment linked to milestones/targets.
# I repeat, NEVER ACCEPT STEWART’S WEEKLY DEPOSIT PAYMENT STRUCTURE (or TRICKLE FEED PAYMENT as he calls it). If you do, then because the payment is not linked to any targets, Stewart and his ever-changing workforce will do as little work as possible per week, if they show up at all, and once he has squandered the project budget, you will be left to pick up the pieces while he finds his next victim.
#Never pay for materials not delivered to site. I have paid for 8 windows, 1 door and 1 bifolding door. Stewart has my money and I do not have any of the items.
I would not wish Stewart upon even my worst enemies.