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Feedback for MN General Builder

Be warned do not hire!!, I hired these guys on a friends recommendation to have my kitchen fitted with tiling, they started the job and completed it but not 100% upto scratch this was over 7 months ago a week after they fitted my kitchen one unit came apart and the top units that were fitted came OFF and fell on top of my 12 year old daughter luckily she wasnt injured but it was scary I called these guys several times they never got back to me when he did eventually answer he said its not his fault it fell off the wall he sai he would come back to fix it but he neer did? I hired them in good faith so dissapointed. They still haven't come back to fix it so i still have an in complete kitchen with units hanging off thanks to them.

MN General Builder's reply:

First let me say that the job of the person who gave feedback is not the same as posted on \ "My Builder \", but is different. I was invited to this job, I paid for the job, but when I got in that house, I saw that the person was not even intending to buy a new kitchen. I met there with a client who was dissatisfied with the services of an employee of mine. Maybe the client has indeed called several times on that employee but no longer works for me for 6 months. If the person who posted this feedback, see my comment respectfully ask her to contact me by phone to solve the problem in her kitchen absolutely free so hoping to wash my reputation unfairly tarnished.