2 chimney breasts to remove & make good around - Bricklaying job in Clapham Junction, South London

Job description

The job is to remove a 2 storey chimney breast and one fireplace that goes from a downstairs kitchen up into an upstairs bedroom, then make good the brick wall, floor areas and 2 ceilings including plastering. I basically need the job to include all things to make it as though the chimney breast was never there to start with.

There is also a need to inject damp proofing chemicals into the kitchen wall, I will favour someone doing this as part of the job although I expect I may need to arrange this seperately. Let me know if you're pricing for the damp injecting too.

There are obstacles in the rooms (kitchen cabinets/bedroom furnishings etc) shown in the photo's that I will remove prior to the job starting.

The wall that the chimney breast is on, is an end of terrace double brick wall, so once the chimney breast is away, it needs to be properly bricked up to keep the double brick strength of the wall, so not simple plasterboard covering over the old chimney breast.

I can dispose of the waste at the local tip, but need you to bag it and load it into my car as part of the job, I'll help of course.

For materials, I don't mind paying what the materials cost, as long as appropriate things are bought and not thrown out due to the wrong things being bought. The things I'd expect to pay for are bricks, sand/cement, plaster, joists, floorboards, plasterboard & associated things.

Everything possible to protect the house from filling with dust needs to be done, particularly re the upper bedroom as the carpets are white and the waste needs to get downstairs without ruining the carpets.

The area has controlled parking. I can supply day permits, but they cost me £5 each and I would expect to be covered for that out of the job.

I prefer people to quote a price based on the information I've supplied, so the job can be got on with as soon as possible.

Please also state the number of people that you'd have on the job as I need it done quickly, so a team is better than a single builder for example.

Questions welcome.

  • The following information was added Tuesday, 18th August, 2009 : There is no chimney above the bedroom as this was removed last year during an extension.

I am speaking with building control and will probably have to get their approval on the job, but it shouldn't delay the start.


Feedback for lmconstruction ltd

Lucian & his team did a great job. There were no delays, once the job started it was continuous until the finish which I value highly as I can't afford lost days. They were all helpful and responsive to my comments and suggestions which can't be said for every builder!