Concrete floor slab with mesh reinforcement - Groundwork & Foundations job in Brighton, East Sussex

Job description

URGENT JOB - TWO BASEMENT ROOMS - Approx 3.5m x 3.5m each

Needs to be completed ASAP - by 28 August 2009 at the latest.

Break out existing hearth slabs to front and rear basement rooms. Break out material can be used as backfill for floor. Level and compact chalk fill with vibrating compacting unit.
Place 100mm jablite / celotex insulation material directly onto compact and level fill to required depth. Provide 1200 gauge Damp proof membrane lapped up walls (200mm over finished floor level). Arrange concrete pump unit and work out required quantity of concrete to be delivered – depends on how much the chalk fill material compacts down and depth of Jablite / celotex used. - Very approximate 2.5 - 3 m3 Remove lower basement window and protect UPVC frame with timber boxing (tressel ) to prevent damage from pump tube. Provide ply protection to basement hall carpet and door frames to protect against pump tube shunting back and forth. Place electrical wiring into suitable ducts (or provide new wiring if deemed required) and seal up ends to prevent concrete entering ducts Provide protective polythene in street to allow wash out and spilt concrete to be removed easily. Cast C30 concrete slab with A252 mesh (8mm bars at 200mm) minimum thickness 100mm to float and level finish (NB – Must be float finshed on same day as casting – typically 3 – 5 hours after casting. Any excess concrete to be laid in layer at end of garden to allow break up and removal in due course. Lap DPM up 200mm over level of floor slab up walls.

  • The following information was added Wednesday, 19th August, 2009 : Only found out on Monday 17th that there were problems with the floor and I go on holiday today (Wednesday 19th August) for 2 weeks. Bad timing and trying to sort out before I go. If you read the job description after 4pm on 19 August then I am affraid that I will not be able to respond to email questions. Hopefully job description above is comprehensive enough to allow quote. Text me on 07985 526733 and I will respond within a day if mobile reception available.



Concrete floors completed on time and on budget. Good communication and co-ordination of required plant and materials. Highly recommended and would not hesitate to use again.