Bathroom refurbishment - Restoration & Refurbishment job in Finsbury Park, North London

Job description

  • Bathroom refurbished / installed
  • Main bathroom
  • Complete refurb
  • Structural work needed

Customer description

Hi, My name is Damien, and with my wife sonia we would like to change our bathroom completely. We would like to consider 2 options: [1] We don't change the current layout of the room but we would need to: Remove the bath and replace it by a shower, redo the whole tilling of the room, remove the current heater and install an underfloor heating. [2] Same as above + reducing the size of the batroom a little bit (2 wall to add) as by removing the bath and making it a shower we could have space for a cupboard instead. That would require changing the layout of the bathroom a bit.

We would very much welcome a quote.




Feedback for Maintain & restore ltd.

I have had a very positive experience with Andrew and his colleague Gabor.
Overall the job has been really well done.
What I liked the most when dealing with Andrew & Gabor:
- when they find bad surprise (for instance after removing the bathroom floor they found 3 rotten joist) they were able to provide an appropriate course of action to fix the issue, not just hide it so it reappeared later
- they detailed a lot what they planned to do so you can understand the changes in pricing when something unexpected happen (as it changes the list of things to do).
- they are very polite, considered of the rest of our home and clean workers.
- they are very versatile (they did everything from replacing rotten joist, plasterboard, plaster, tiling, plumber & electricity work.
- when I found minor issue after the end of the work (a leak with a heater) they came back to fix it.
- they have a good attention to details for the finish
I would recommend Andrew & Gabor to anyone.