Replacing garden pond liner & reinstat cap stones. - Landscaping job in Birmingham, West Midlands

Job description

I need a pond re-lined in the spring or early summer. The garden pond is sort of heart shaped and so its length is about 10' and about 6' wide. At its deepest 4'.

I inherited the pond when I moved in several years ago. It presently has several Koi. It is I believe leaking, I usually top it up with >100 litres each day.

The present liner is capped by stones that will also need reinstating.

The pond itself works on a gravity fed basis. Water enters piping at the bottom of the pond, and up to two containers, one contains filter the other the pump, both are seperate from the pond and self contained in a brick buil box. Whoever did the job did a great job, even if there is a better method of oxygenating, I would like to keep the current method.

Pond holds circa 2000 liters.


Feedback for Andrew Dunn builder

Andy & Dave arrived on time at 08.15am hours; both likeable & friendly, they set about the work as soon as I had concluded the draining of the pond.

My pond had been leaking daily losing >125 litres.

At all times tidy, they cleaned up on leaving too. Efficiently they set about removing the capstones & old liner.

The difficult part was the outtake pipe to the filters of my gravity fed pond, that has circa 20' of piping under the pond leading to a separate self contained filter housing; this was soon done.

Replacing an awkward unwieldy liner is a bit like flipping ones kingsize mattress on ones own x 100!!. Once in place, a hole needed to be cut over the outtake, sealed and the closing template screwed back.

Then they replaced in concrete the capstones and all done by 16.00 hours

One snag, they ran out of cement and once resupplied finished the stonework; the new cement did not take after 48 hours I have started to replace several of the capstones with waterproof fast set cement. This I suggest was not defective work, but defective concrete, which did not take a fingernail after two days in a very mild February, the concrete crumbled. The other stuff they used was fine.

In conclusion, I filled the pond, there was sufficient stretch and the Koi love it. The next day the pond had not leaked and I was elated.

Overall a great job and I would recommend Andrew & Dave for building work, including landscaping and ponds.