Close doorway in partition wall, remove brick wall - Conversions - General job in Colchester, Essex

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    Conversions - General
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    740 days ago by andydavy
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We have a lounge with a small annex to one side (with an open doorway). The wall structure is stud work/plasterboard. We would like this gap to be closed off to make a continuous wall to the lounge. The closure can be stud work, but will require sufficient strength to subsequently wall-mount a large TV.

As part of the job, we would like the opposite wall of the annex to be opened up to enlarge the existing utility room. The adjoining wall is of modern construction but using old bricks which we would like to retain, possibly to build a different hearth in the lounge (a separate job). This brick wall provides mid-way support to the rafters of a small bathroom above (only).


Feedback for M.A. SKINNER

The property is a listed building. Mark was very helpful throughout, from first contact and advice, through checking out Listed Building Consent and approval to go ahead. He was able to start work promptly, around other jobs, and brought in some skilled and efficient tradesmen to complete the work. Although we had a pretty good idea of what we wanted, there were a number of details and additions that benefitted from his team's advice and help.

Mark was cheerful and helpful throughout the job and has been a pleasure to do business with.