Insulation and energy survey - Insulation job in Sheffield, South Yorkshire

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  • Loft / roof insulation

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We have just moved into an old house, built in 1903. We are keen to make the house better insulated wherever possible. So far we've identified that we could add insulation in: * Room above garage - currently no insulation in the attic and it gets very cold in there. Mineral wool Insulation would be easy to fit. * Insulation under the lounge floor - accessed from the cellar underneath - possibly using 110mm insulation board. * Further insulation in the attic bedroom - this was updated relatively recently but the room is quite cold and we would like to know more about options for making this room retain heat better.

As set out above weve identified a few places we think we could add further insulation to retain more heat I the house, but we are looking for a company to advise us on whether these are the most important areas to insulate, the best way to insulate and how much it might cost/save us in the longer term.

Grateful if you could let me know if you would be available to undertake an insulation/energy efficiency survey and how much this might cost. We have already got an EPC for the property from when we bought the house a few months ago and we are already aware the house if quite inefficient - we don't need another EPC we would like practical advice on how we can make the house warmer.

Many thanks

Emma Sadler


Feedback for Insulation Direct Ltd.

Nathan came over soon after I posted the as to look at the house and advise what insulation they would recommend we had fitted to make the house more energy efficient and save us money on heating bills. They looked at the whole house and gave us a quote for the work advised. We were happy with this quote and arranged for the work the following week. Two guys came and fitted the insulation very quickly and tided up after themselves - especially important in the cellar as fitting the insulation in there was quite a messy job!

Overall good service, very quick communication and happy with the job.