New dining room - Extensions job in Plymouth, Devon

Job description

  • Rear/kitchen extension
  • Single storey
  • Owns the property
  • Semi-detached
  • Permitted development

Customer description

Rear kitchen extention to create dining room. Approx. 5m x 3m


Feedback for Stamp Construction

I would not recommend this builder! Started off ok, had a few issues but dealt with them well. But as time went on he turned up less and less as he was doing other jobs. He fell out with a number of his workers so different people were turning up through the job. He accidently knocked the wall down between us and the neighbour when using a digger and partly rebuilt it in such a way that it look embarrassingly awful and fell over when I leant against it!! I am now left to build the wall myself at my cost. I was left to organise and pay for removal of most of his waste and rubble. He kept promising to come back and finish but kept making excuses. When I got frustrated with his excuses he blamed me for being rude to him for the reason why he did not want to come back to finish. I am now left to organise the signing off of the work he has done. As he is refusing to talk to me over the phone or come back to finish the job, I have repeatedly ask him to come and collect his equipment and materials, but he has left it all cluttering up my drive with no promise of collection. We wanted to offer a younger person the opportunity but now wished that we took on a more experienced builder with better communication skills.......make up your own mind!