4 tasks: leaky tap, water pressure, silicon, grouting - Plumbing job in Kilburn, North London

Job description

  • Involves bathroom or kitchen fixtures

Customer description

  1. We need to apply silicone around the bath tub to prevent water escaping downstairs.

  2. We need to investigate (and fix) why our cold water pressure in the kitchen sink has dropped

  3. We need to fix the leaky tap on the hot water side on the kitchen sink

  4. If possible, we'd like you to apply (dark gray) grouting to a lose kitchen tile


Feedback for Vaanson plumbing

He had good intentions but created more problems than he solved. He then gave us a time and didn't show up... "Old lady's pipe burst". He then gave us a quote and then increased it. He was meant to buy a part but it was "out of stock" everywhere. It was all a bit unprofessional. Wouldn't recommend him.