Foundations for single story extension in se london - Groundwork & Foundations job in Sydenham, South London

Job description

  • Foundations for a structure to be built
  • House extension

Customer description

Groundwork job to start in the next week or two. Must be available and have decent feedback.

The job is fairly standard, 3m x 5m single story rear extension on a semi detached house in south London. Access to the back of the house will be via a shared drive next door and a gate at the back. The skip will be at the front of the house. The job is to do the following: 1. Use a mini digger with pecker to clear concrete in back garden and clear waste. 2. Move waste pipe from bathroom and inspection hatch in back garden to new location. Ensure that the loo can still be used while the work is going on. 3. Dig foundations and get it signed off by building control. 4. Lower concrete floor in existing dining room and kitchen and clear waste. (existing kitchen will be removed so not part of the job). 4. Lay foundations for extension up to damp course and get it signed off by building control. 5. Level concrete internal concrete floor and do the damp course so that it is ready for under floor heating. 6. Lay the screed once the UFH insulation and pipes have been laid, must ensure that the level is correct so that once tiles are fitted all is level. That's it, all the rest will be done by someone else.

We are looking for competitive quotes asap and will want the work to start in earl Jan and looking for it to finish in a max of 3-4 weeks. Demolition of the back of the house and internal wall work will be done by someone else.


Feedback for Westview Construction

This joker turned up the first day and tried to increase the price and had no tools.
He is a genuinely awful human being, constantly shouting and loosing his temper, it's like dealing with a toddler.
He was rude and offensive to my wife, threatened to "kick my head in" one time and to walk of the job a few times. Once he had the cash he didn't come back and has blocked our numbers.
I have reported him to trading standards and the police.
On top of all of this the work he did do was wrong and of low quality so we will have to redo some of it. Other builders who have looked at his work have laughed at how bad it is. DO NOT USE STEVE LENNON UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!

Westview Construction's reply:


it seems so easy for you do trying destroy my reputation thou when I look back at I am relieved I'm away, each service I provided was passed off by building control so I don't no where you are getting cowboy from ??

also you are that stupid and a liar that makes no sence!! your saying you contacted the police why would any body contact the police on a civil matter so could everybody that reads this and has some sence understand that he is making this up as he goes along and the only reason I never went back is because of the shear torture and grieve and they wanted everything done for nothing this man is a complete clown!!!!!!!!!