Install immersion heater circuit - Electrical job in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire

Job description

Job description no longer available


Feedback for Reid Electrics Ltd

Alex arrived on time (actuall, early!) for both his initial visit, and to do the work. He obviously knows what he's doing, and did the work efficiently and competantly. with no time wasting.

Running the cable for my immersion heater proved more difficult than we had anticipated, and required making holes in both some plasterboard and a wooden stair tread. All nicely repaired afterwards and the carpet relaid well enough.

Alex spent over 5 hours doing this job, after quoting me for 4 hours work. He kept to the original price as agreed, although his mark-up on the parts seems rather a lot.

Despite running late, Alex seemed to do all the required safety tests on my RCB properly and was happy to explain to me what he was doing.

Alex failed however to vacuum up after the job, leaving fine dust where he had scraped paint off several pipes for earth bonding, and lots of carpet fluff where the carpet had been raised. I might have expected hme to have done this, but since he had already overrun his estimate I don't really mind.

Generally, Alex came across as a nice guy, a good communicator, honest, and competant. He also likes payment by bank transfer, rather than wanting cash, so no obvious fiddles going on with HMRC (unlike some tradesmen I've used in the past).