Electric fence needs ip box installing in greenhouse - Electrical job in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Job description

I have power in the greenhouse by way of 2 waterproof sockets. I still want to keep one of them. I have a plug socket for electric fence with transformer in and it wont connect to waterproof socket in greenhouse as plug too big as contains the transformer for 12 volt electric fence. You could get rid of one of the sockets and install an IP Box which contains the energiser and the plug. If you know a different way then tell me if you come to look at it. It then needs connecting up and you need to drill through breeze block under greenhouse (already has beginnings of hole but needs help by way of drill!) You connect the lead out cable from the energiser to my electric fence. I have accidentally also made hole in electric fence. I have repair kit, and is simple job if you know what your doing. I want this fixed also please. I can put the fence up so you can then connect to the fence. I have put it (the fence) down due to danger of fox wrecking it before it is electrified.



I would definitely use Andy again for electrical work. The electric fence we installed didn't work, but that was because the product was rubbish I think. His work was very good. I was very happy with it and intend to perhaps ask him to do work for me in the future.