Install hatch and insulate victorian property - Insulation job in Bradford, West Yorkshire

Job description

Our house is only partly insulated. Half the house has a small wooden hatch and only 10cm of loose blown insulation. Insulation company said rather than more blown insulation, they'd put a further 20cm of quilt over it. House was extended at gable end in late 1800s to early 1900s. We discovered during the inspection that there is no access to this part of the roof at all, hence no insulation at all likely. The company "does not do loft hatch installations in lath and plaster, only modern ceilings". I would like to arrange for you to visit, measure and provide a quotation for: Installation of new insulated loft hatch in lath and plaster ceiling + insulation of min 27cm in the uninsulated section (approx 4.5x5m). Insulation of additional 20cm in the partly insulated part. Would also consider upgrading the existing access hatch to standard size with insulation so you can take the rolls up packaged (approx 4.5x3. 5m). I would love to get it done before Christmas if possible! My children's rooms get very cold overnight. We are fully financing the work, it is not under an insulation scheme.


Feedback for Insulation Direct Ltd.

The Insulation Direct Team were fantastic during quotation and installation, they are a really friendly bunch, polite and very tidy. The work done has made a great difference to the overall comfort level within the property. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.