Plumber to unblock kitchen sink, reconnect pipes - Plumbing job in Canary Wharf, East London

Job description

2 plumbing jobs needed in the house:

1) kitchen sink is blocked. I poured unblockers and the standing water remained. Tried caustic soda, plunger a few times before. It need to be unblocked. Kitchen is at the top floor.

2) at the loft (above kitchen), there is a water softener unit and an overflow pipe needs to be fitted to allow the overflow water to drain. Right now I have by passed the water softner to avoid overflow water dripping into the house.

If you have any plastering skills there's a 3rd job in the house: 3) the dry wall around an electrical socket is broken on the ground floor. There are several holes, max size 10x10cm, needs filling - it might be the case we can just replace the bit of wall around the socket instead of filling the holes in one by one.


Feedback for Thima Green Ltd

Pav is hardworking, puntual and polite. He has extended my overflow pipe quickly, plastered over the holes on the wall nice and evenly. The main job is to unblock the kitchen sink, which he has located the problem after 3 evenings. But we have agreed to conclude the job there (actual fixing of the blockage is deferred) and Pav, quite understandably, wanted to be paid for the time spent detecting the problem. He is overall pleasant to work with and has remain very positive despite the problem is tricky to detect.