Toilet leak homerton area - Plumbing job in Hackney Wick, East London

Job description

Hi, the toilet is leaking in the pipe between tank and toilet bowl. The tank is inside a tiled wall. I have a video of the leaking so I can email it to the interested plumbers if needed. Please note that you will be shortlisted only of you give me a quote and explain if its hourly or for the whole job and if it includes materials.Also please note that the job needs to be done on Monday the 5th of November,tomorrow. Thank you



Feedback for Fabric & Electric

Mark Barrett came for a toilet leak and he put lots of sealant around and inside the connector because he said there was 1mm hole on it.(Sealant was NOT waterprrof as next plumber told us).He was eavesdropping to a conversation and making comments and jokes instead of concentrating at work.The toilet was not leaking when he left but he asked to use the toilet in 5 hours! 6hrs later the toilet was leaking.He was not happy coming back next day,said he'll put a new connector but when we asked receipt suddenly he said he did not need one!He came,put LOTS of expanding foam to glue the toilet back to the wall.He charged materials&labour without providing receipt!!He left the toilet completely blocked,no water was leaving when flushing.When asked to come back he sent a video for us to fix it but we couldn't!He was late to come,9:30 pm we asked him if he's coming cause its late.He said he was at another job but if he was then how he kept texting us swearing until 11pm when all we wanted was to fix the job he was paid for!(texts were shown to MyBuilder site)He said that in every job he is RECORDING AUDIO with his mobile!He told me to give me my money back and f@ck off but still no refund.I sent a message to Terry who said a Chaps payment is made. No refund was ever made nor proof of refund emailed to me.Next plumber had to open the wall to unblock the pipe from a big maze of expanding foam.We are taking legal action and MyBuilder has suspended their account until they reply to me

Fabric & Electric's reply:

Been waiting for this one .Right if truth is going to be told Maria please tell the truth for once.Yes we had a suspension had problems with OTPs codes through online banking.Now for the truth and I would put my hand on the bible and swear to it. I'll keep your decorum and respect as much as I can for you.There was no ear wiging what so ever it was one of them jobs after ten mins you think what the hell am I doing here.With a toilet door wide open and someone is being loud and eccentric it's hard not to hear,you can not turn off hearing but listening to how someone hates men and how personal life is dealt with by certain things for satisfaction purposes is not a thing that is spoken about in front of a stranger if you recall the door was closed out of embarrassment. The toilet had a waterproof seal applied silicone and it was sorted then it was messed about with.There was no problem in returning so that's a lie.There was a suggestion of renewing parts but you wanted a quick fix .That's what you had.What I don't understand is apparently a drainage company came it was another plumber make your mind up The connector as you stated would not of changed a thing. Just Like was told the shower holder needed tightening ."can you just glue it"If someone is being extremely rude your not going to get a happy responce.solicitors own the house then owners.. after research found the truth out about the property I will not say on here .Worst experience ever as a tradesman in many years