Walls in various rooms/conditions - Plastering job in Jarrow, Tyne And Wear

Job description

bedrooms, dining room, passage/up stairs/landing. some walls probably need skimming, some complete plastering, stairway has artex or something similar to cover. looking at quotes for individual rooms/full house. Also ceilings seem boarded but not pastered.
standard sized rooms in 3 bedroom ex-council property.
Think need to see to give quotes.
Willing to buy material to keep cost down or have supplied by tradesman.


Feedback for All Done Decorating

you will never get a harder working skilled man in the hole of the northeast - works all day and never stops!
just make sure he gets a cup of tea, white with 3 sugers. will never need to look any where ells, he dose it all, thank you from the cerniks!