Refitting a door - Carpentry & Joinery job in Fulham, South London

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    Carpentry & Joinery
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    41 days ago by ahila30051
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Job description

The door doesn't close and it is either due to: (a) the floor shifting slightly as the downstairs flat has had basement works done which has caused slight movement. Proposed solution: shave a small part of the top of the door for it to fit into the frame.

(b) the door being poorly fit initially. Proposed solution: remove from hinges and refit.

I had one handyman look at this where he thought the best way was to refit the door. Unfortunately some other work he had done turned out to be excessive and overly priced and hence I never engaged him on this piece of work.


Feedback for Loftex

Alexey turned up on time and did the job swiftly - according to my tenants the door works perfectly. Thanks!