Insulate 4 bedroom semi-detached house - Insulation job in Muswell Hill, North London

Job description

I would like to insulate my loft before Winter. Can you contact me to arrange a viewing for a quote for the work. Thank you.


Feedback for J Peacock Insulation Solutions

Booked the job on Tuesday and it was arranged and completed by Saturday afternoon. John and his colleague were very friendly and gave us some options as the loft was not completely empty, it was partially boarded and we could not access the roof extension to get it insulated. They moved the boxes to a boarded area in the centre and insulated the rest of the area to 300mm thickness. The standard is 270mm. The job was completed to a very good standard in around an hour. We will be booking John to come back to insulate the roof on the extension which we could not access this time. John lowered his price to factor in the smaller area. Overall very happy with the finished result and will recommend John to family and friends.