Demolition/rebuild single storey lean-to kitchen - Extensions job in Hampton, Middlesex

Job description

For starting in mid January potentially as current contractor may not be able to help...

No plans in place

Partial demolition of existing lean to kitchen against conservation area wall... roughly 6 metres x 3.....raise roof height, install 3 x velux, pave new patio area, finish off room with white paint and stone electrically heated floor and plumbing/drains/electric in right be finished approx March... then total house repaint outside.


Feedback for Morina Property

Hi guys - thanks for coming around.....there were a fair few issues here I can see....but I wrote twice afterwards and never heard from you again after your site viist. Even a polite 'thanks but no thanks' would have been nice. Ive had a hellish year with 'builders' who come around and kick my mortgaged property, pick it apart...and walk all over the carpets in muddy shoes without asking. Sorry Im not being unreasonable...but if I did that in my line or work (ie bad coms/no relationship building)....Id be sacked! least you w Kere better than some of the 'wall kickers' that came over to my place in Hampton.....although you never got back.. Frustrating. But all ok. Its just feedback.