Three stuck shut double glazed! - Windows job in Walsall, West Midlands

Job description

Three double glazed windows, two over the top,and one side window,used to work fine,and within two/three weeks,of each other,will not open,it's a pain!! If you'll pardon the pun!! Cheers.


Feedback for Serban Windows

Hello, Julian did my job today 31/10/2018,after contacting me this morning,with a approx time he would arrive, he made it 5 mins early! Great start to the day. Julian proved to be a thorough professional,but also a thoroughly nice man, his finished work,is first class,and expertly finished,in a amazing time I thought, and all for, in my opinion a very fair price, one thing I would like to add, and you will realise why I am so pleased with Julian's work ethic, is this, before I contacted My Builder, and Julian, three local Window Firms,would not take my job on!! Two because it was not cost efficient!!! And one said it's too time consuming and fiddly, and tried to persuade me to purchase new windows!!!! From him!!! Yeah Right!!!! One last thing, I tidied around,before he came, and it was just the same,after he had finished!!! Except the Windows work Perfectly!!!! So thanks Julian, you are a Proper Star, thank heavens,for small enthusiastic businesses,whom still care about their customers....His is First Class!!