Extension completed to roof level - Extensions job in Bradford, West Yorkshire

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Feedback for hgconstruction

HG Construction started off very well. However, little did i know that it was all a manipulative plan. Juliusz is the main contractor and insisted on money every week he worked. If we did not pay then he would not work! He argued daily with his workers who stated that he did not pay them...? He left my job and made a complete mess- the Planning Dept were appalled. He never understood what the Planning Inspector was saying and his work went from bad to worse!!! I had to ring him everyday and supervise him on most occasions because he was unclear as to what to do.He has since stolen most of the material from the site. I ahve given him many chances but this is the last resort. I feel i have no choice but to involve the Police.
He is currently working in the Leeds area- so beware!. I hope mobody has to go through what we have gone through.