Sanding floor boards - Hard Flooring job in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire

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I have done most of this myself. But all the boards need going over... gaps filled and varnished. 3 bedrooms and a hall... just can’t finish myself due to ill health 😒


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I am a little disappointed... the job was to fill in between ALL the floor boards.... but there are a lot of gaps only partially filled or missing filler which now means I am going to have to go over the floors again ( I had already done all the hard work and presanded all the floors previously, making the job much easier!.. also all the rubbish has been dumped up against a wall under my bedroom window in the front of my property!) also I was told one day but it took 2, which meant I had to change my plans .. they started after nine and left at 3! So we had to put up with the dust and smell for another night...

Floor Sanding and Finishing's reply:

Thank you very much for you’d feedback,much apreciated.
First of all I would like to start with the condition of the already “presanded” floor wich was in extremely bad condition making the sanding 3 times harder than I expected,loads of unsanded filler everywhere plus all the dents and holes that I had to remove from the presanding.
At first the job did not look so bad with all the furniture inside but when it was all cleared there where many many repairs that needed doing none of wich you where charger for,lots of big holles all over the place and almost half the floor was moving hence I had to rock solid as it is my of charge of course.
Third I would like to mention that we would have finished in one day 1000% if the floor was not as described in previous words.
The fourth thing would be regarding the smell and dust wich was actually the filler used to fill the holes wich is made of epoxy resin and smells from the factory and the madamme told me not to worry because they will not be getting in there or sleeping there tonight.
About the rubish-I cleaned everything up very nice meaning the whole house/floor and the sand from the machines and left in 2 bags in front of the house like I always do unless the client ask me to take it away for a 60£ charge but nobody even bothered asking.
The whole house for 850£ roughly 60m2 divided in 3 rooms and one big hallway.
Thank you very much again for your feedback and I Have given my opinion so other people can see.