Re-route gas pipe - Gas Work job in Dalkeith, Midlothian

Job description

I live in an old house that has some dubious looking gas pipe work running up the side of the house. I am looking to get a conservatory built and the company doing it told me when they came out to quote that they wouldn't move the gas pipe and to get the gas board out to look at it, I think they mistook it for an inlet gas pipe from the mains. SGN came out and looked at but as it is in fact an outlet pipe they wouldn't carry out the work. The pipe runs from my meter box at the side, right round the house and to the back of the house. Long story short, I need the pipe cut and reattached further down so the extension can go on. The SGN assessor said it is a small simple job, they just wouldn't do it. Please excuse the ramble, it's difficult to try and explain without seeing it.


Feedback for Kevin Brogan Plumbing and Heating

Job not currently underway due to waiting on other building work to begin. Kevin arrived as planned to discuss the work needed and suggested other ways to complete the job to make the pipe work neater and more secure. Kevin said he will be happy to complete the work when the builders are ready for it to be done.