Plasting - mostly skimming - Plastering job in Clapham Junction, South London

Job description

Plastering job ideal start date Thursday (or Friday if you can do it in one day). Clapham Junction SW11.

I’ve basically removed an internal wall to join the lounge and dining room, changed the stairs and replaced part of the wall to retain the fire protection on the stairway for building regs.

There’s a steel boxed in, the brickwork that was exposed to remove the old wall and for the steel to be set in place, that will need bonding prior to plastering.

There’s also a small section under the stairs which per the photo’s isn’t boarded yet but should be tomorrow, there’ll probably be a curved bit that’ll need bonding too.

Most of this job is skimming but as stated some bonding too. The joints will need taping aspart of the job.

Please quote a price including materials (thistle multi-finish is the plaster I prefer) and beads. There’s a need for corner beading on the steel (2 times 5 metres), the corner 3m and a support area 2m, so total of about 15 metres of corner beading.

Very roughly, the square meterage of the area is about 26 to 32 square metres but I’m just stating that as a rough guide so don’t hold me to it!

I will still be using the carpets for a while after this job and I do have some ground sheets, but I’d expect you have some too!

I will favour whoever can do start the job quickly and quotes a reasonable price.

Parking cards provided covering the whole day for £5.


Feedback for Pat the Plasterer

Patrick was friendly and efficient. He got the job done quickly and the quality of the work is very high. Thanks Pat.