Dig a ~16m trench (for waste, water and electricity) - Groundwork & Foundations job in South Ealing, West London

Job description

I've built a garden room which needs connecting to services. You will need to be able to locate the waste pipe that runs under the garden and dig up to it without breaking it. I'm not sure how deep it is. Pea shingle will be required as a base and then after electrician and plumber have laid their bits, trench needs to be refilled. If there will be excess soil, please separate the skip part of your quote.

There is a 1m wide rear entry to the garden for a digger.


  • Added 26th September, 2018 : I should add that the garden room I have built forms part of a YouTube series that has over 4000 subscribers, www.youtube.com/c/alidymock, so I need someone who can explain what they are doing and doesn't mind being filmed. In return - a bit of publicity :)

I'm also open to quotes incorporating laying the waste pipe, inspection chambers, and connections.


Feedback for Beechwood services

Ben did an excellent job for me digging 3 trenches for waste pipe, water + electrics and a soakaway leading away from my garden room. He was incredibly helpful and explained everything that needed to be doing and the materials required. I'll be releasing a video on my youtube channel of his work later this year (2018) so you can see for yourself: www.youtube.com/c/alidymock

Thanks Ben!