Repairing light fittings/wiring - Electrical job in Barnsley, South Yorkshire

Job description

Last night we turned on the living room light, only for it to flash like a bulb had gone, we replaced the bulbs but it still doesn't work, we then noticed that the hallway light has also gone and doesn't come back on. Not sure if its relevant but both lights are in a line, although in separate rooms (if you understand what I mean), not sure if its a problem with the circuit, the light in the dining room and kitchen still work so its not affected all downstairs lights. Need this sorting asap, tuesday or wednesday (15th or 16th may), can people give us an indication of what may be the problem, the work involved (ie, underfloorboards, carpets up, new wiring etc, so we can plan appropriately) and the cost please? and only reply if you can come out on days specified. Thanks.



2nd job done for us in a matter of weeks, doesn't get a better recommendation than that! Came we he said, sorted the problem and charged the price he quoted, which was a very good price!. friendly and professional. If you need electrical work doing, hes the man to call!