Cut down and remove trees - Tree Surgery job in St Albans, Hertfordshire

Job description


I would like the trees in my garden cut down, photos attached. My boyfriend is 6'4 to help gauge the size of the trees.

If possible, I would like an approximate quote before arranging for you to visit so that time is not wasted. If you do not send a rough quote, I will not shortlist you.

I think there are around 4-5 trees, diameter no more than 70cm (I think).

Please also state your availability and how long it may take.

  • Added 1st September, 2018 : I do also need assurance that the trees will not grow back after cutting as I plan to build over this area.


Feedback for Attrill Tree Services

If only all jobs were like this ! Got a rough quote, Stuart popped over to review the job properly, agreed the cost, job was done within 4 days of posting. Amazing work! Thanks!