Out of control buddliea - Tree Surgery job in Acton, West London

Job description

I need a large buddleia trimming back to a manageable size, after it has finished flowering. The main trunk is leaning at a 45 degree angle, resting on the garden fence and the upright of a garden bench. I believe these are the only things preventing it from breaking and falling over. It has also spread over my neighbour's garden, though access there will not be a problem.

I would be able to tackle it myself but I have no transport to get rid of the cuttings. (Apart from a wheelbarrow which I use to take smaller things to my local tip). Also, I would not be sure how far to cut it back and would need expert advice on this.

One problem is that there is no access to the garden, apart from through the kitchen and hallway. So the branches will need to be cut down to manageable size to get them out.

If it is not possible to save the tree to a manageable size, due to the angle at which the trunk leans, then it may have to be completely removed.

I would like a pre-work visit to assess the options.

Regards Mick Henson


Feedback for Landscaping in Kent

Max provided a very efficient service, removing a large part of my buddleia in very fast time and making sure all was cleared up at the end. He was also very cheerful and pleasant to chat with.
Thank you.