Need my ceiling plastered - Plastering job in Stanford Le Hope, Essex

Job description

I’m decorating my front room and I need the ceiling plastered.



We employed Micky to plaster our ceiling. He come over and check the walls on two separate occasions and said the paint and the bumps from the artex needed to be flat so he can get into the walls better. I used a steamer to get the paint off and then a trail to get it all smooth so he could plaster when he got here. When Mick arrived he said to me that I shouldnt of steamed it and now the artex has to come completely off of the ceiling
I spent the day removing the artex off the ceiling for him as he moaned about it. When mickey left he asked me if I could bond the walls in a few hours once its dried with PVA glue and water which I did.
The next day Mick came back and started to hint to my partner once he had finished the work that he wanted more money as it’s took longer than expect and he had hurt his back moving the sofa. Mick then text me later on saying it was “only fair” that he should have another £100 on top off what I had already paid him for the ceiling.The ceiling has now dried and we’ve been left with a crack running from one side to the other, the ceiling is rough in places and overall looks a mess.
Mick then said if I left him £90 in the morning for materials and other bits he would do the rest of the walls for the same price as agreed on, minus the £100 he thought he deserved as it took longer than normal supposedly(we politely declined his offer to come back)Im very annoyed of the state of my ceiling as I have to now pay out again for someone fix this issue


It is with great regret that I have received this negative review. I quoted for what appeared to be a simple job – skimming over an Artex ceiling to make smooth.
When I arrived to start work, I discovered that the client had attempted to remove the Artex using a steamer, which had made the surface unsuitable to simply skim over.
I then had to make good the surface before being able to skim over, leading to an additional days work. I advised the customer that this would come at an additional cost as the cause of extra work was the client's doing, which is when relations broke down and I ended up leaving site.
This is an unfortunate incident, but please don't be put off by the comments made. When I do a job of work I treat the client with respect, as I would expect myself to be treated. I turn up on time and leave the areas clean and tidy.
As a foot note I still receive Christmas cards and wedding invites from some of my clients going back to the 70s.
I remain committed to delivering exceptional customer service, and producing top-quality work at all times.