Install strong gate and posts on garden path. - Fencing job in Chester, Cheshire

Job description

I need a strong gate and decent posts installed in next 2 weeks. Possibly a short fence too if quote not extortionate.Good workmanship and reliability paramount please 😊


Feedback for MCP Joiner & Landscapes

After carrying out an excellent job on a gate and fence for me, Mark gave me a price on sawing some trees down to enable a large clearing job to start,which would probably have resulted in more work for him.However, when he came to do the work his chain saw packed up after he’d cut down 4 young trees. He said he’d have to continue the work using a handheld saw, so as I was going out for the rest of the day I gave him the £150 he’d asked for for a completed job,as I believe in treating others as I would want to be treated. Sadly, when I returned later I found that Mark must have left very soon after I did as no more work had been done. That was on the 4th Sept 2018. Since then I have messaged him 9 times to ask if he would come and complete the job I paid him for, and I have withheld on leaving negative feedback here in order to give him a chance to finish the job. Lesson to be learnt here, don’t pay until job completed,as not everyone can be trusted . Sadly my loss.Plus maybe a ‘tree surgeon’ should carry 2 chainsaws to a job so that he can continue to work if one packs up ?