Bathroom disabled facilities grant, ramps & doors widened - Conversions - General job in Market Harborough, Leicestershire

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Working on a Disabled Facilities Grant scheme wet room bathroom and doorways widened and lowered door with ramp access.

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Feedback for Disability Adaptation Services

Really disappointed with DAS. Work is poor and reliability wise, awful. Leak under the concrete extension floor, which was caused by DAS’s poorly fitted plastic pipework, I was then left for weeks without safe flooring. A further leak occurred, also caused by poorly fitted/designed/sealed bathroom, which was fitted by DAS. Toilet also leaked and both stained/bubbled paint to the ceiling of the room below. Kitchen vinyl flooring was very poorly fitted, with gaps and hacked away around kitchen appliances. Extension door sticks and is hard to lock and despite me asking for the contractor he used to fit the doors’ contact details, he still hasn’t given me their details so the door is still not locking. The outside guttering/drainpipes weren’t fixed properly to the brickwork, leaving rainwater gushing all over the wheelchair ramp, which loosened the slabs underneath. The electricians he used haven’t completed their jobs, again, DAS won’t give me their contact details. I have photographs of all of DAS’s unfinished work, as well as photographs of the jobs that he reluctantly came back to repair (he hasn’t rectified the bathroom leak properly, just masked it over with paint). Too many problems to list. I am sad to say that his work is poor and he is very unreliable. It is a shame, because he could have been honest from the start and admitted that the work was too much for him to complete and was clearly out of his skill set. He was paid in full, yet hasn’t completed the contract!

Disability Adaptation Services's reply:

Unfortunately this is NOT an accurate recollection of the situation.
This was originally a minor grant funded adaptation to a ground floor bathroom, which we priced for.
Mrs Whitmore then has issues with the plan and personal issues with the grants officer as she was not getting the wet room she wanted.
The plan was then changed to a single story extension with en-suite.We provided a plan and quoted, this was excepted.
The work was started and all relative building control inspections were carried out and passed.
The work was completed in the agreed timescale and to the high standards that i DAS uphold.
The work were passed by building control and grants dept and completion certificate issued.
At NO point did Mrs Whitmore Raise any issues regarding the works during or after.
Unfortunately as is rare but can happen there was a leak beneath the screed, if you ask any contractor this is unfortunate but can happen.
Although issues are unfortunate I feel it’s how you respond to an issue and how you conduct yourself that matters.
I was informed on the Friday evening about a leak, I cam the next morning to fix, I advised leaving the floor to dry and the client to inform me when she was satisfied it was.
Several weeks passed, when she informed me that it was dry DAS returned to relay new vinyl at DAS’ expense.
Kitchen flooring was inspected and a decision that it was satisfactory was made.
Water from upstairs was due to showering and not a leak it was sealed.