Replace sime 80c format combi gas boiler - Gas Work job in Amersham, Buckinghamshire

Job description

It is time to replace the boiler. I am want something more efficient and reliable in a rented 3 bed house. There is also a problem of the upstairs radiators not warming up that needs to be fixed at the same time.


Feedback for Oakleigh Heating

Kyle did a great job at a reasonable price. He was completely reliable and he will be the first person I contact for any similar job.
I needed to replace a combi boiler with something stronger, reliable and efficient. Kyle helped in choosing the right replacement and understood all the technical issues of installing the larger boiler, which meant installing a larger gas feed pipe from the meter. I could not be present when he was on site, but we had a video phone conference to discuss the best possibilities. The job was completed in one day with no surprises and except for the new boiler and pipe, you wouldn't know anything happened.