Fit an en-suite shower - Bathroom Fitting job in Taunton, Somerset

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Feedback for Construction One South West

What can I say. Job description was simple enough. The work Simon did lasted for approx 4 weeks before the shower he was contracted to fix broke. When we contacted him to inform him he responded by saying that the issue had nothing to do with him. The British Gas engineer we called out to have a look said that the plumber who fitted the shower would need to fix it. No one has touched the shower since he fitted it so I am pretty sure that the responsibility to redo his work falls firmly at his doorstep?! He failed to finish the work we had asked him to complete as he spent a significant amount of time sorting out personal problems whilst he was on the job, it was only after my other half called him back to complete the work that it got done. Quality of work carried out was very poor and the finishing was rushed and far from acceptable. Overall I would not recommend this tradesman. I have photos of before and after and the British Gas report to substantiate all of the above.

Construction One South West's reply:

The work was carried out on the 11th May 2012 within the quoted time scale. The customer was hapy with the work and paid by cheque which wasn't paid in for several days. Additional work was requested on arrival at the property which I carried out as well. There was question over the masticing work carried out and I returned and carried out the remedial work as requested without question.

I then had a phone call some seven weeks after the work was carried out to tell me there was a problem. I was at the time on another project and was unable to return to look at the job for 4 days and I offered a day when I could return to look at the shower. They said this was unacceptable and they would get a local plumber to sort it!